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Helpful Hints

Types of Glass
In addition to plain glass we also stock diffused reflection glass which considerably cuts down distracting reflection from lights, windows etc. UV blocking glass will cut out most harmful ultra violet rays which cause discolouration and fading of artwork. Plastic glazing is useful for very large frames and also in busy offices and children’s rooms.

These are generally stretched over a wooden backing frame and secured at the edges. They are normally framed without glass.

Box Frames
Three dimensional items such as baby clothes, golf clubs, spoons etc. require special treatment using a deep frame and lining to give the required space between the glass and backing.

Football Shirt Framing
London is home to many of Britain’s top teams and you will want to preserve and display a signed shirt or other pieces of kit to its best advantage.

Needlework and Tapestry
This may require stretching and mounting, sometimes using a wooden stretcher frame.

Large Maps and Posters

We often frame these with a metal frame and plastic glazing. For large items this produces a stronger and safer frame than traditional wood and glass.

Conservation Mounting
Pollutants in the air can affect valuable pieces of art and are of concern to conservation picture framers. London air and chemicals in mounting and backing boards can cause discolouration. By using non acidic materials artwork damage will be dramatically reduced.




Sorry, but we cannot process cards at present, Paypal or BACS only.


We are open on Wednesdays 10am-5pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm 

by APPOINTMENT only. Please email or ring us.

Is there customer PARKING near your workshop?

It’s residents’ parking in our road, but we can provide a voucher if necessary.

How will I HANG UP my pictures?

Your pictures will be finished with a sealed backing board and a hanging wire. We can also provide wall hooks.

What is a MOUNT and does my picture need one?

A mount is a coloured card border with a bevelled edge, especially made to fit your picture. It holds the image away from the glass and enhances the finished picture when a colour is carefully chosen to complement the artwork and the frame.

Posters and some pieces may not need a mount, and it is always down to individual choice.

Can I have MORE THAN ONE IMAGE in a frame?

Yes, we can cut a mount with two or more openings. You can also have a mount with a small cut out panel at the bottom for a title (or even a brass plate).

How do you frame SPORTS SHIRTS?

A specially cut backing board is inserted into the shirt, which is fixed in place with pins and tags (no glue!) on a coloured board. Sleeves can be folded in to make a more compact frame. If required, we can fold the sleeves so that logos are displayed. A slightly deeper frame than normal is made with a spacer under the glass. When everything is in place, we attach a hanging wire on the back.

Can I hang up an OIL PAINTING without framing it?

Yes, we can make a stretcher frame for your painting, fix it in place and attach a hanging wire to the back of the stretcher.


Other than plain glass, we can supply anti-reflecting glass, UV blocking glass and styrene.

I need to be able to CHANGE THE PICTURE in my frame.

No problem, we can make the backing easily removable.